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About New Way Diving Koh Tao

Best dives in Koh Tao

New Way Diving is a small, family type of shop based in Koh Tao – Thailand. Here everyone shares a single passion – diving.

This is reflected through the quality training that we provide and the greatest range of dive sites offered in Koh Tao.

Established in 1999 in a little Coconut Shack on Sairee Beach, New Way Diving has developed over the past 20 years and as the island of Koh Tao has grown, our passion for scuba diving has ensued throughout.

Our 20 years of experience in this diving industry has allowed us to make New way diving the best among the other diving schools as we completely focus on customer satisfaction and training, as well as looking after the environment.

This positive approach and the extremely varied dive schedules helps us to ensure all of our New way diving family retain their interest in Scuba Diving, which is then reflected in our great training programs.

All Koh Tao Diving courses, whether Try Dive through to Divemaster Internships, as well as all guided dives, are offered in a maximum group size of 4, which means lots of personal attention to all divers involved.

For courses we conduct all our training sessions in the sea, making use of the many sheltered bays around Koh Tao, such as Aow Leuk and Mango Bay. These locations all offer conditions similar to the swimming pool with the main difference being that r

This makes the whole experience much more enjoyable since we can break the skill developments over a 2 day session rather than spending 4+ hours in a swimming pool! Plus it’s a lot more interesting!

The only dive shop to do these dives in Koh Tao

In addition, our passion for diving means we want to dive good dive sites  means that you really get to dive the best of the Gulf of Thailand. With 2 boats going out every day for 5 different trips, with 2 dives per trip, we confidently offer tours unique to only us.

We are also the only dive shop that guarantees diving at the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand – Sail Rock – everyday (as long as the weather permits)

The benefit of this for certified divers is that unlike most shops on Koh Tao we do not require a minimum number of people to run this trip since we don’t want to ruin your holiday. To put it simply, if you want to dive at Sail Rock, then we offer you Sail Rock diving with no last minute cancellations unless the weather prevents it.

This is then of major benefit for all student divers since it means almost every student gets to visit Sail Rock as part of their training!

We also offer Chumphon Pinnacle and Southwest Pinnacle for Sunset & Night Dives and are the only dive shop to do so.

On top of this, we work hard to vary the daily dive sites in order to make sure that every day you dive with us there’s something and somewhere new to discover.

We offer our customers some of the best diving prices on Koh Tao combined with the best dives in the Gulf of Thailand.

 2 Dive Boats
 SSI & PADI Dive Courses
 Guaranteed trips to Sail Rock
 In-house NITROX
 FREE Insurance
 Pick up service from the pier

Want to know more? Contact us now and see how you can join our little diving family!