Dive Instructor

Become an SSI Dive Instructor

Instructor Training Course Part 1

Instructors get to do it all, and so are the most sought after professionals in the industry.

They can work as a Divemaster getting paid to lead dives, but also can teach people how to dive, and depending on the level attained, can teach from Open Water Diver all the way up to Divemaster also.

As a result, Instructors find themselves as valuable commodities in any dive environment due to the massive flexibility they add to a shop.

Become an SSI Dive Instructor

The Instructor Training Course with New Way Diving offers you the chance to develop on some of the areas covered in the Divemaster Course and develop into a Dive Instructor who can now also teach people how to scuba dive.

As an SSI Dive Instructor you will be able to seek paid work with one of the largest diving agencies in the world.

Our Koh Tao Instructor Training Course provides everything you need to pass your training and begin your career as a Dive Instructor.

As per many things at New Way Diving, we do things differently to the rest!

We have 2 different ways of completing your Instructor Training Course;

  • Full Time – 9 Days Consecutive Training + 2 Days Mock Instructor Examination & 2 Days Instructor Examination
  • Part Time – 9 Flexible Days of training + 2 Days Mock Instructor Examination & 2 Days Instructor Examination

Our Full Time Instructor Training Courses take place twice a month (not offered by any other shop in Thailand) although the Mock IE and the the IE can only be completed on fixed dates (unless 4 or more candidates).

Our Part Time Instructor Training Courses (not offered by any other shop in the world!!) take place on bespoke schedules that work for you – please contact us so we can work together to work a schedule that may consist of evenings only, weekends, or whatever works for you. Our only request is that it is completed within 3 months to assure knowledge isn’t lost.

The system for both methods of completing the course is quite straightforward;

Complete Part 1 – the Instructor Development Course itself

Complete Part 2 – the Mock Instructor Evaluations

Join Part 3 – the SSI Instructor Evaluation

Why become a Dive Instructor on Koh Tao ?

Becoming an Instructor is the next step from being a Divemaster. When working as a Divemaster it’s often hard to get time off work. No one wants to say “No” to work – it not only hurts your pocket but also reduces your chances of getting work with a particular shop in the future.

Added to this is timings – perhaps you can only get weekends off, or the holiday time you are able to book doesn’t work with the existing schedules offered by other schools…

On Koh Tao, for example, the week preceding full moon is usually busy, as is the week after, and so the dates of the ITC may not be a sound financial decision for you at this point in time.

Whatever the reason, we want to support people in the industry and develop you all to your maximum potential.

Please note – the route you choose is not interchangeable. It is either consecutive training or part time.