Aow Mao

Aow Mao

Aow Mao is one of the hidden gems of Koh Tao, found on the East of Koh Tao. This is a terrific dive site for all levels of divers. Diving along both coastlines is lovely, and there are beautiful rock formations and swim throughs that hide a wide range of marine life, ranging from Harlequin Sweetlips through to huge groupers. Due to the small beach it’s also a fantastic training site, and another place we use for our shallow water skill training.

Depth Range

Type of Site

Marine Life

Frequency visited

Worthy mentions

0m – 20m

Small bay with great rock formations

Harlequin Sweetlips, Triggerfish, Batfish, Hunting Trevally

Twice per week

Lots of swim throughs and various dives possibleNice artificial reef project North from the Bay

New Way Rating

8 / 10