Buddha Point

Buddha Point

Buddha Point, so named for the rock formation which above the surface looks like a seated Buddha, is a small dive site with a depth of 6m – 12m, located on the Southeast corner of Chalok Baan Khao. Due to the number of Turtle releases that take place throughout the year in this bay, this has become a popular location for Turtle sightings. With large groupers, emperor fish and a myriad of other tropical marine life, this dive is suited for everyone from Discover Scuba Diving up.

Depth Range

Type of Site

Marine Life

Frequency visited

Worthy mentions

6m – 12m

Coastal Rock Formations

Barracuda, Groupers, Turtles


A simple site for all levels of divers with regular sightings of turtles

New Way Rating

6.5 / 10