Southwest Pinnacle

Southwest Pinnacle

Southwest Pinnacle lies approximately 50 minutes from Koh Tao. It is another beautiful rock formation that starts at 5m and progresses to around 30m maximum. With varied topography and lots of varying rock formations this site offers a myriad of marine life, with everything from Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips, Box Fish, many cleaner stations, nudibranchs etc all the way through to schooling Barracudas, Giant Groupers and the occasional Whale Shark.

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5m – 30m

A large pinnacle & rock formations located 50 minutes from Koh Tao

Whale Sharks, Giant Groupers, Barracudas, Fusiliers, Bat Fish, nudibranch, box fish & more

Almost Daily

Whale Sharks are regular visitors from March – May & Septermber – November Sunset & Night Dives are offered here up to 3 times per week for Advanced Divers – a Staff favourite

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Southwest pinnacle
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