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New Way Diving focuses on customer satisfaction as our primary goal – we already love scuba diving, and want to make sure that everyone who joins us leaves with some of our diving passion.

We employ highly certified, experienced team members to fulfill both Divemaster and Instructor roles to make sure each customer receives the best experience possible.

They allow us to offer a complete range of diving courses, from simply Try Diving on Koh Tao through to diving courses from beginner right through to Instructor level.

If you want to know more information of why we love SSI – read below the images!

Our Diving Specialties

Why learn to dive with SSI?

Beyond wanting all our customers to leave happy, we also care about the environment, which can be seen by the monthly reef clean-up dives we conduct, and our opinion that as divers we become ambassadors for protecting the area so many people don’t see.

This affiliation meets all of our goals :

The SSI Materials are 100% digital based and no needless plastic certification cards are produced, nor are certificates posted all around the world in plastic laminated envelopes. Everything is digital which helps us to protect the environment.

With SSI, you can learn the dive theory on your phone through a modern app. Our customers have a much more relaxed time. Since everything can be completed on an App on your phone you no longer need to spend 4.5 hours sat in a classroom watching videos whilst on holiday. Instead you can relax on the Koh Tao beach and play with your phone!

The certifications offered are exactly the same with almost all diving agencies due to compliance with the WRSTC, who set out the worldwide diving agency regulations. Plus, since most of our instructors are certified by multiple agencies, it means we now teach courses from all of the biggest diving agencies in the world!

Our instructors prefer the SSI system of education. The classroom sessions are more informal and relaxed which allows a better individual development since there is lots more time available for discussion on individual diving topics

We can offer our customers a much more advanced and modern system of continuing diving education! All certified Open Water Divers can progress straight into a Deep (40m), Wreck, and Nitrox Combination Course which certifies you to dive all recreational dive sites found around the world. This only takes 2 days and costs only 12,000 THB.

That said, we always want our customers to be as happy as possible, and so if you would prefer to learn with an alternate diving agency, please let us know – most of our staff are certified by multiple agencies.

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