Eco Dives

Eco Koh Tao

As with the rest of world, ecology in Koh Tao is a very important issue. The local community of Koh Tao is seeking to establish a few simple rules to preserve the environment and encourage tourists to make efforts, even on vacation.
Here, we seek to preserve water, limit waste, reduce the consumption of plastic all to aid with reducing pollution and preserving the environment.
There are also community actions to preserve the ecology of Koh Tao: for example every Friday evening there is a community that conducts a beach clean on Sairee Beach, for which the efforts are rewarded with a free beer.

Our engagment

New Way Diving believe that divers become some of the oceans best ambassadors, and so also contribute our resources with free diving to help with this eco-awareness.

On the first Sunday of every month, New Way Diving organizes a free diving for everyone that is certified. Unlike normal diving on Koh Tao, the objective of this dive is not to explore and admire the fish and the corals but rather to save them! And this is all 100% free, including equipment and everything required!

Each volunteer will be placed in a group to explore the dive site and help clean it by recovering any rubbish that has found it’s way into this delicate ecosystem and help to reduce damage caused by the oceans largest predators: humans.

We work with many other dive stores on the island, and all are welcome to join for this event since New Way Diving is a family shop and we consider it our duty to preserve the ocean, which is where we all make our livelihoods and enjoy our underwater diving exploration throughout the year.