PADI Wreck Diver Specialty


Learn to safely penetrate wrecks…

85002 days

New Way Diving’s PADI Wreck Diver Course Program Includes

  • PADI Wreck Diving License – Penetrate Wrecks Worldwide
  • Option to Dive on Nitrox if certified
  • 4 Dives focused on Wreck Diving Skills
  • A penetration dive with reel deployment
  • PADI Online Manual & Plastic Certification Card
  • Pickup service from pier on arrival
  • Includes all equipment rentals
  • Maximum group size of 4:1


The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course can be taken by anyone holding the Advanced Open Water License and any level beyond. This is mostly a result of the increased depths at which wreck diving can be done. For instance, if you dive at a wreck in 15 meters of water, and penetrate the wreck for 10 meters, essentially you will have reached a depth of 25 meters.


The PADI Wreck Diver course is another extremely popular specialty scuba course. Why? Wrecks of all description provide an insight into some history. Imagine touring a museum, except underwater!! All wrecks have some history attached to them, whether a decommissioned WW2 Shipwreck sunk intentionally as an artificial reef, or a newly discovered missing submarine.

Another reason is that the return to nature of these structures is incredible in itself. It is surreal to see something designed for such glorious purposes now being used as a reef system that becomes home to an abundance of marine life great and small. This in turn leads to the third reason wreck diving is so popular – the abundance of marine life found on them. With so many places for marine life to hide and reproduce, this creates amazing nurseries, which in turn brings in larger predators who are happy for the abundant feeding ground.

During this course you will learn responsible techniques for diving and observing shipwrecks, as well as learning more about how to spot potential hazards, safe wreck penetration, and additional equipment considerations. Over the period of classroom sessions and 4 dives, you will:

  • Learn the rule of thirds
  • Learn safe penetration skills
  • Learn reel deployment techniques

New Way Diving offers a maximum group size of 4 students to 1 of our experienced instructors, assuring that each student receives ample attention, allowing them to qualify as a more than competent diver while have great, safe fun! If smaller instruction is desired, please request on the email and we are happy to arrange!


The Schedule

The New Way Wreck Diver Course is designed to be flexible, and we offer it as such. However, please see below for a sample schedule which includes the 4 dives:

Day 116:00 – 18:00Course Oientation, Paperwork & Theory
Day 206:00 – 10:301 x Wreck Dive, 1 x Correct Reeling practices workshop dive
Day 306:00 – 10:30

1 x Wreck Penetration Dive, 1 Additional Wreck Dive

What’s next?

The Wreck Diver License certifies you to dive around the world and enjoy the beauty of these underwater man-made structures.

After having achieved this qualification there are a few routes to continue. Firstly, you may decide to continue Fun Diving with us. All ex-students receive a discounted rate on all continuing dives that they do with us, as a way of us saying thanks! Secondly, you may decide to continue learning more about the various environments in which we dive by pursuing the corresponding Specialty Diver Course, the most popular of these being the Deep Diver Specialty, which certifies you to 40m, and the Nitrox Diver Specialty, which allows you to extend your No-Decompression-Limits and dive safer with the use of increased percentages of Oxygen in your tanks. With both of these last two options, we also like to say thanks for completing the Wreck Diver Course with us, and offer 10% Discount from this course.