Mid Range Rooms

Koya Guesthouse

Koya Guesthouse is where we try to house a number of our customers. It is a relatively new build, so all the rooms and beds are in great condition and the location is great. They have a choice of Air Conditioned rooms or Fan, and the rooms are split between double beds or 2 singles, with prices around 1,000 THB per night.

Sairee Center Guesthouse

Sairee Center Guesthouse is another well priced, well located little spot. Likewise, it is a relatively new build and so everything is in good condition. Room can be offered with fan or AC, and sleep up to 4 people, for a price of roughly 1,000 THB per night.

Sun Smile Lodge

Sun Smile Lodge is a beautiful little location found just as you depart Sairee Village. It is in a quiet area, 1 minute from the beach and has rooms of various descriptions and size. Prices start from around 1,000 THB per ngiht.

Pranee Guesthouse

Pranee Guesthouse is very well located in the heart of Sairee. It has a number of rooms, and a delicious restaurant. Rooms are available as double beds or twin single beds, and are only a 1 minute walk from the beach. Rooms available from around 600 THB per night.