Sail Rock Booking - Deposit 1,000 THB per person

Dive the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand – Sail Rock.

As the only school on Koh Tao that guarantee visiting this incredible dive site everyday from Koh Tao there’s no reason not to book.

At this amazing dive site you will witness huge schools of everything – Big-Eyed Trevallies number in their thousands, Barracudas of many different types abound in huge numbers, Batfish can be seen in schools of hundreds, and much more.

On top of this, the topography of the site is fantastic, including lots of beautiful rock and coral formations, as well as a Chimney that drops from 5 meters to 18 meters.

So complete the form below and join us for your own fantastic trip to Sail Rock.

Sail Rock Booking - Deposit 1,000 THB per person


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