Laem Thien

Laem Thien

Laem Thien is a great dive site located on the East of Koh Tao. It again offers something for every level of diver, with multiple different dives possible. On the Northern area there is a complete dive possible, with a depth of 5m – 25m possible. On the Southern part of the dive site Is a small beach where it’s possible to do shallow water skill training, and progress on a dive to a maximum depth of 18m. There is a range of marine life to be seen here, ranging from Whale Sharks during the season, through to
Bump Head Parrotfish, Groupers, Barracudas, and occasionally Razor Fish.

Depth Range

Type of Site

Marine Life

Frequency visited

Worthy mentions

5m – 25m

Small Bay with small beach and great rock formations

Hump Head Parrotfish, Trevally, Groupers, Razorfish

3 times per week

Lots of swim throughs and various dives possible Whalesharks seen occassionally during the seasons

New Way Rating

8.5 / 10

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