Mango Bay

Mango Bay

Mango Bay is a beautiful shallow bay located on the northernmost part of Koh Tao. It is a beautiful dive for those certified, and since the depth is about 16m maximum, a long drop off dive is always possible. This is also one of the main places where we conduct our shallow water training for the PADI Open Water Courses, as well as Refreshers. There is a huge school of fusiliers here, occasional seahorses can be found in the sand, and lots of usual tropical marine life such as Emperor Fish, Angel Fish,
Butterflyfish and more.

Depth Range

Type of Site

Marine Life

Frequency visited

Worthy mentions

0m – 16m

Shallow pretty bay

Angel Fish, Butterfly fish, Trevally, Coral Groupers

Every 2 – 3 days

Great shallow water training site Beautiful and long 1 way dive along the coastline

New Way Rating

7.5 / 10

Mango Bay Koh Tao
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