Diving Specialities

We are fortunate enough to have the facilities to offer more than most, with our 2 dive boats and 5 departures each day.

Add to this that we make our own Nitrox and have very experienced staff working for us and you will soon come to realize that we are all serious about our passion!

It also adds more variety to the range of Koh Tao Diving Courses that can be completed with us, rather than being the standard Try Diving right through to Divemaster and Dive Instructor levels.

These specialties are also great fun to teach, and some of our favourite all round courses!

On top of this it really develops the realms in which you can dive as a recreational diver, whether it be to a depth of 40m, diving inside wrecks, searching for lost treasures and more!

An important point to note is that SSI also allows you to maximize your time by effectively combining specialties into different packages.

For example, if you do a Deep Dive on Wreck SSI gives you credit towards each of these Specialty Courses, while some agencies do not, and will recognize it as either a Deep Dive or a Wreck Dive, which then increases the time commitments and consequently expense.

Some of the packages are below, but most specialties can be made into a package. Simply let us know which diving specialties interest you and we will do what we can to come up with a package.

The most popular are the Nitrox Diver Specialty, Deep Diver Specialty and the Wreck Diver Specialty.

Discover our diving specialties